TV Mounting

Installing the wall mount

First of all, you have to find an appropriate location. Take into account these two requirements:

  • The location must allow the correct orientation of the dish to the satellite. Use the compass.
  • There can not be any obstacles between the dish and the satellite. You will learn where the satellite is in the following steps.

Take the “L” wall mount, and attach it to the wall manually. Mark the positions of the future holes on the wall.

Now, drill the four holes. Be careful choosing a appropiate diameter (see the number engraved on the fixing). The ideal depth for the holes is about 0,5 cm + wall plug length.

How the stainless steel fixings work

  • Put the four fixings in their holes, and use the hammer and the chisel to fix them.
  • Now take the “L” wall mount, and screw it to the fixings. Don’t forget the washers.